GOTHAM GROUND TRAINING Aviation Ground School in your backyard...
(when your backyard is Central Park)
Gotham Ground School classes are taught by David Gerstl, a flight instructor who has been flying since the 1990s.

David has held a flight instructor rating for over 10 years, is an FAA certified mechanic (with both airframe and powerplant ratings), and holds a ground instructor certificate. David has a passion for education, and has taught classes in a variety of subjects to high school students, college students and graduate students.

David lives in Manhattan with his family. He spent a number of years working as a consultant for one of the big consulting firms and still has a bit of the desire to see everything run "just a bit" smoother. Aside from his interest in aviation, David is interested in, ...well..., everything else. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and a law degree, and is licensed to practice law in New York State. When not "doing aviation", he can often be found in the basement at Strand or sitting at the back at NY Tech Meetup.

Oh, and yes, as you may have gathered from the front page David does scuba dive and he did not take the classroom sessions in the Caribbean; he took them here.
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Did you know?...

For a mechanic certificate, the FAA mandates that the A&P curriculum at an approved school have 1,900 hours of direct instruction. Law school is 90 credit hours; per federal regulations, one credit hour is 15 weeks of one hours of direct instruction; Thus law school requires 15*90=1,350 hours of direct instruction.
This is why David is so fond of saying [somewhat tongue-in-cheek] that he spent more time in class in A&P school than in law school...
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