There are three different types of certificates that you can get as a first certificate: Sport pilot, recreational pilot, and private pilot. The requirements for each of these can be found in Part 61 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. The Gotham course is designed for the Private Pilot Airplane exam since this is the first certificate for the vast majority of New York City based students.

For recreational pilot, little or no differences exist in the question banks. The differences for Sport Pilot is more significant in terms of the question bank, but not in terms of the knowledge required. The differences between 14 CFR 61.309 (sport pilot) and 14 CFR 61.105 (Private) are:
• the Regulations you need to learn
• Radio procedures
There's an old adage in aviation--there are three things of no use to a pilot: "The altitude above you, the runway behind you. and the fuel in the truck". Perhaps we should also add "the learning left in the books"-for all pilots this holds true--the more they know, the better off they will be. A sport pilot will be at a significant advantage knowing all the private pilot material, so that's what we teach.
Students who wish to study for other ratings, certificates, or other categories should email us for information.
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Did you know?...

Until 1988, the private pilot certificate provided the entry level pilot certificate. In that year the FAA created the Recreational Pilot Certificate, which allowed slightly reduced training times in an effort to make flight more affordable and attainable. It didn't work.

The Sport Pilot certificate was created in 2004 for the same reasons. but also came with new categoty of airplane, the "light sport airplane".
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