For pilot candidates, the road to a private pilot certificate will require them to pass three examinations (four if you count the medical)

The first examination is the FAA written exam. This is a multiple choice computer exams given by private testing providers with a passing grade of 70. To take the exam, a signoff from a flight or ground instructor is required. Upon successful completion of the sequence of classes, the Gotham Ground Training instructor will provide graduating student with a signoff.

The second and third examinations, the oral and flight tests ("checkrides"), are usually taken on the same day. This exam is given either by a designated pilot examiner (a non-FAA employee approved to give flight tests) or by an FAA inspector, depending on the workload and procedures at the particular FAA office. The oral exam will usually consist of a comprehensive review of pilot knowledge as well as a planned flight. The flight portion usually starts as the beginning of the cross-country flight, but quickly departs from the plan with an emergency diversion, some airwork and a few landings. The specific tasks and standards you will be expected to meet are contained in the practical test standards. Once you pass the flight test, your examiner will give you a temporary airman certificate, a.k.a., a license to learn.
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Did you know?...

With the exception of the Flight Instructor certificate, currently issued pilot certificates do not expire—they last forever. In order to use them, however, you generally need two things:
• A current medical certificate
• A recent flight review by an instructor or a recent additional license or rating.
There are also requirements for recency of experience before you can carry passengers.
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