Talk to pilots about why they learned to fly and you'll hear many of the same reasons:
• To travel to see family and friends
• For business
• Because it's a challenge
• To explore
• For the sheer pleasure of flight
and perhaps the most often heard:
• I've always wanted to fly a plane
While the practicality of flying is perhaps slightly less than it is in the wide open commercial flight deprived spaces of the Great Plains (we say perhaps because there's nothing better than avoiding traffic on a holiday weekend), the beauty is just as evident. There's nothing quite like transitioning the Hudson River Corridor or flying up the coast to Connecticut and beyond. Whatever the reason you are visiting this site, thinking about flying, we've probably met someone with the same reason.

The AOPA website has a section devoted to why people fly. Feel free to peruse that site, and if you want to, contact us for advise about whether flying will work for you.
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Did you know?...

Pilot James Lipton has interviewed many people on the Actor's Studio,a nd touches upon aviation occasionally. His discussion with Harrison Ford (at 37:30) about flying is wonderful.

The highlight, however, must be Robin Williams trying to understand why the wings point down on the AOPA logo pin that James is wearing (see ~1:10).

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