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Did you know?...

The E-6B is famed as a simple versatile tool for solving aviation problems and also derided as a relic of the time before calculators and smartphones. What you might not know is that it can also be used to compute warp-speed equations. Witness these pictures of Mr. Spock using one in "Who mourns for Adonis" and in "The naked time".

Gene Roddenbery, a WWII pilot, probably slipped these in as props during production.
For the actual flying portion of flight training, a student is usually required to buy a plethora of items including charts, study guides, airport guides, pilot handbooks, and a headset.
At Gotham, we realize that our students are just starting in their aviation journey, and thus try to minimize the required purchases. Additionally, in this day of ubiquitous tablets, people are unwilling to carry a stack of books. While you are free to buy paper or app copies of the required manuals, the required reading materials are all from public sources available on PDF or online:
Federal Aviation Regulations (unfortunately not available as a PDF download from the FAA)
Airplane Flying Handbook
Aeronautical information Manual
Airport Facilities Directory and other related charts
Aviation Weather Services
Aeronautical Chart Users Guide
Other materials will be emailed to students before each class.
Additionally, student will need to have access to a recent written exam question bank, either in book form, as an app, or as a software program. Finally, students will need to have a plotter, and an E6-B (or an app for doing flight calculations).
Note that apps and general purpose calculators cannot be used on the written exam.
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