If you want your local pilot shop to survive, they need to make some money. So if you have a local pilot shop, please use them when possible. Also, we don't endorse any of the stores on this page; we've used them before and found that they have a good selection with reasonable customer service.

As you might have surmised, New York City does not have a local pilot shop. While Strand and the New York Public Library are among the best at what they do, their selections of flying books are somewhat limited (and the selection of other pilot supplies is non-existent).

• A major mail-order supplier of book and equipment is Sporty's Pilot Shop. Among their specialty products is a line devoted to AOPA branded merchendise
Aircraft Spruce and Specialty is another noted supplier of both pilot supplies as well as aircraft supplies, parts, and maintenance equipment
• Finally, you should not overlook Amazon.com, which has a great selection of pilot books and a reasonable selection of other materials, acting as a storefront for specialty aviation shops such as Gulf Coast Avionics
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Did you know?...

Sears used to publish a massive catalog that was, in the days before the internet, a lifeline for many Americans living in rural areas (if you don't believe us, ask your grandparents). Aircraft Spruce still publishes an 800+ page catalog filled with all manner of aviation products. This catalog is especially popular among small airplane mechanics, and a well worn (and usually greasy) copy can be found in almost any hanger where maintenance is performed.
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