Candidates for Private Pilot take two routes toward their certificates, depending on the types of school they attend. Some students, primarily in those larger [and often more expensive] flight schools, train under regulations contained in 14 CFR 141 (often called "part 141"). Most other students train under 14 CFR 61 (called "part 61"). Part 141, subtitled "Pilot Schools" deals with larger schools and allows schools to pre-approve processes, procedures, and a curriculum for their school with the FAA. Once approved, these schools can then be given examination authority, allowing students to skip the FAA checkride upon passing their final stage check. For students in those programs, the course of ground training is generally specified in the FAA approved curriculum (although they are welcome to attend additional schooling before or during the program).

For students training under part 61, the amount of ground training is between student and instructor. Students might attend a structured ground school, they might attend a test-prep ground school, or they may be left to study on thier own. The sad fact is that many instructors are interested and skilled in flying, but have little interest in lecturing or discussing sticking points with their students, especially if they are not being paid their flying rates. Yet, you need a ground school to give you a good foundation on which to build your aviation knowledge.
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Did you know?...

Until recently, the FAA written tests were considered easy to pass as the FAA released the question pool. This led to a proliferation of weekend test-prep classes, which are valuable for prep, but often not for learning the material.

The FAA has announced their intention to make the question bank much larger, making it more important than ever for students to understand the underlying material not just memorize questions.In fact it was always important to understand the underlying need to pass the oral exam after all, and to fly safely after that
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